Get Involved

Who can join?

Anyone can join as long as they will support our agenda. Aware that African men and women have been enslaved and colonized together and are some emigrants dealing with same issues, we allow men to join, and we will invite them to relevant activities. White and brown sisters and sahwiras who want to participate in our activities and events in solidarity. In order to change patriarchal norms and fixed colonial gender roles we have to work together men and women, so, SAWI encourages men to participate.

Why join?

Join for the following reasons:

  • Get emails and text messages we send to invite you to the functions and activities we do.
  • Build network and socialize
  • Participate in cultural activities and events.
  • Build network in an African community
  • Learn and challenge your self
  • Volunteer to participate in activities or events.
  • Volunteer your expertise.

How can you join? You can write us an email or give us a call +358 (0) 45 668 8875.

What can you do? You can participate in our activities. You can donate money. You can donate your time and expertise to help in different activities and events.