New podcast SAIPOD by SahWira Africa International

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SahWira Africa International has launched its new podcast called SAIPOD. It is a platform where we are building relations that transcend boundaries. We want to build bridges in the spirit of Sahwirahood grounded in Ubuntu African philosophy – Umntu ngumntu ngabantu – I am because we are . We will be having conversations on different themes that we hope will nourish you intellectually, socially, psychologically and so forth. ( In future we will be releasing episodes from this space, please feel free to subscribe to the podcast from Spotify, Apple or Google Podcast, or any other service you may use. In that way you can get all the new episodes as soon as they are released.

SAIPOD is hosted and produced by Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen and published by SahWira Africa International.

Listen and subscribe to the new episodes as they are released on…

You can also hear all episodes from our website.

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