SahWira Global Summit: updated programme with titles and abstracts

SahWira Africa International in partnership with The Centre for Research on Ethnic  Relations and Nationalism (CEREN), Swedish School of Social Science, University of  Helsinki. 

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Summit Abstract 

This summit is a pluriverse space that encourages reclaiming Ubuntu feminist practices of  care, compassion, love, and interconnectedness to foster peace, healing together,  rebuilding relations, rebirthing the New Earth, building resilience, thriving, and  transforming ourselves and societies for global peace. We are building a platform that  connects women from Global South (Africa and African Diaspora) and the global North,  giving them a space to engage in a conversation on the characteristics of decolonising  the mind and healing. Expanding on what it really means, whilst highlighting decolonial  practices that focus on healing the feminine, recreating selves, birthing new  perspectives, and building global partnerships. This calls for decolonising the mind which  entails unlearning colonial practises. Decolonising work is embodied work, not  intellectualising. Thus, it is a process of unlearning assumptions, unconscious biases,  limiting practices and disinvest from unconscious collusion with colonial practices and  tools. Therefore, unlearning these practises and relearning decolonial ubuntu feminist  practises is the pathway to liberating ourselves from practises that divide global women  and build transnational solidarities, sahwirahood and partnerships. Thereby, freeing  ourselves from a system that was not designed for us to thrive, but to turn the feminine  against each other.

The aim of this Summit webinars is to create a space for BIPOC community voices and all  our sahwiras to witness each other unlearning to relearn, feeling our wounds to reclaim  healing, peace, restoration, recreate our images, birth new perspectives, and thrive  together. The objective is to: explore pluriverse femininity and reclaim diverse archetypes  of femininity that transcend colonial patriarchal boundaries and transform feminist  relations through embracing difference as a strength.  

The questions are: What is the colonial wound and colonial trauma? How is decolonial  work different from anti-racism work? What are the decolonial tools and practises of  healing and nourishing our being? How do we reclaim our freedom, being and rebuild  healthy relations with self, other humans, non-humans and inter species?  

Our speakers from diverse backgrounds as artists, academics, writers, healers and  activists, mothers etc. will cultivate our collective healing, promote peace, and foster  decolonial practises. 


Theme 1 Healing the Feminine, Recreating Ourselves
Theme 2 Migration, Displacement, Identity & Activism
Theme 3 Decoloniality & Sahwira Relations
Theme 4 Towards Rebirth & Ubuntu Feminism


DAY 1: Tuesday 24 May 2022

Time Programme
Opening and Welcome Programme Director: Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen
14.00 – 14.05 Opening and Welcome Prof. Suvi Keskinen: Helsinki University
14.05 – 14.10 Creative Offering
14.10 – 14.15 Contextual Address: Overview of the Summit Dr Faith Mkwesha: SahWira Africa International
14.15 – 14.20 Message of Support Moniheli Organisation
Session 1 Theme: Healing the Feminine, Recreating Ourselves Moderator: Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen
14.20 – 14.45 Anchor/Rooting Address  Ambuya Rutendo Ngara Topic: The pluriversality of femininity: Unshackling shackles, restoring the  whole
14.45 – 15.00 Presentation  Prof. Anne Kubai Topic: Decolonising knowledge
15.00 – 15.15 Interview  Prof. Lynda Gichanda Spencer & Prof. Sharlene Khan Topic: Live interview – African Feminisms (AFEMS)
15.15 – 15.30 Presentation  Muzvarwa Tavonga Jacqueline Manyonga Topic: Restoring the divine feminine

15.30 – 15.50 Question & Answer Session
15.50 – 16.00 Personal Reflection & Body Break
Session 2 Theme: Migration, Displacement, Identity and Activism Moderator: Patricia Munatsi
16.00 – 16.25 Anchor/Rooting Address  Prof. Faith Adiele Topic: Tell your story, change the world
16.25 – 16.40 Presentation  Sepideh Rahaa Topic: A dream that came true?
16.40 – 16.55 Presentation  Jyothi Narasoji Topic: Missing Children: Damaging effects of international adoption, child  marriage and human trafficking 
16.55 – 17.00 Creative Offering
17.00 – 17.15 Presentation  Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen Topic: Yibani Nathi
17.15 – 17.30 Presentation/Process  Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen Topic: Decolonising yoga spaces
17.30 – 17.50 Question & Answer Session
17.50 – 18.00 Reflections from the Day & Closing Programme Director & Moderators

 DAY 2: Wednesday 25 May 2022 

Time Programme
Opening and Welcome Programme Director: Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen
14.00 – 14.05 Opening and Welcome Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen
14.05 – 14.10 Creative Offering
Session 3 Theme: Decoloniality and SahWira Relations Moderator: Tebogo Buntu
14.10 – 14.35 Anchor/Rooting Address  Prof. Akachi T. Ezeigbo Topic: Collective feminine healing: Snail-sense feminism as a workable  concept for decolonization.
14.35 – 14.50 Presentation  Prof. Nokuthula Hlabangane Topic: Ethical be-ing against the odds: Un-learning programmed (f)rigidity
14.50 – 15.05 Presentation  Dr Faith Mkwesha & Prof. Paola Minoia Topic: Humanising Academia. Unlearning and relearning academic  practices through co-motherhood and sahwirahood.
15.05 – 15.20 Presentation  Olivia Patience Alaso Topic: The White Savior Industrial Complex and the work of Kusimama Africa  aka nowhitesaviors.
15.20 – 15.35 Interview  Muzvarwa Panashe Chigumadzi & Dr Faith Mkwesha Topic: Ubuntu, literary imagination and “These Bones Will Rise Again”
15.35 – 15.50 Question & Answer Session
15.50 – 16.00 Personal Reflection & Body Break

Session 4 Theme: Towards Rebirth & Ubuntu Feminism Moderator: Patricia Munatsi
16.00 – 16.25 Anchor/Rooting Address  Dr Mamohau Sekgaphane Topic: REBIRTH Epistemological Archetype as transformation and innovation  tool for systems post COVID-19 epidemic: a new normal adaptation model
16.25 – 16.40 Presentation  Prof. Tuija Kokkonen Topic: Interspecies performance
16.40 – 16.55 Presentation  Mama Tebogo Buntu Topic: Kandaka: Womanism, Womb Healing and Sankofa Theory as a  Celebration of Femininity in a Patriarchal World
16.55 – 17.10 Presentation Stella Nyanchama Topic: Decolonial learning/unlearning/relearning as a strategy in trauma  management
17.10 – 17.25 Presentation Dr. Faith Mkwesha Topic: Unhu-ubuntu feminism: incorporating sahwira relations in Nordic  feminist practice
17.25 – 17.35 Question & Answer Session
Summation & Closing Programme Director: Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen
17.35 – 17.50 Reflections from the Summit  Programme Director & Moderators
17.50 – 17.55 Looking into the Future Dr. Faith Mkwesha 
17.55 – 18.00 Closing Amkelwa Mbekeni-Kapanen

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