Vision and Mission


SahWira Africa aims to empower women through integrated approaches to education and consciousness raising, lobbying, advocacy, grassroots activism, campaigns, expression through arts, stories and poetry, networking opportunities that enable the building and sustaining of a global resource center.
In Africa, we seek to work with women to eradicate poverty and fight for women’s and girl’s rights.


SahWira organization aims to champion the building of sahwira friendship and sisterhood grounded in the spirit of Ubuntu/unhu/utu. Unhu/Ubuntu/ntu is the African concept that refers to the essence of being munhu/utu (human). This is the Sub-sahara African philosophy founded on the belief in collective personhood, that, one’s humanity is realized through sound relationships with others and those around us. In the spirit of Ubuntu/unhu SahWira Africa strives to nurture social responsibility, a cooperative spirit, solidarity, hospitality, devotion to family and the welfare of the community, good neighbourliness especially in view of the immigrants and asylum seekers. Diaspora Africans seek to work in collaboration with African countries to eradicate poverty and empower women.


SAWI seeks to improve the quality of life for minority women in Finland and Africa by:

  • Promoting active participation of women in society and empower them with skills that can help them be self-reliant.
  • Advocating for women and girls’s rights.
  • Express themselves and voice their concerns through art, creative writing, and political participation, cultural and social activities.
  • Fighting and mobilizing against racism and gender inequality.
  • Making visible minority women contributing and excelling in their workforce, in politics and other social and public arenas in Finland by highlighting their achievements to counter negative stereotypes; while revealing their daily struggles to overcome the barriers of language and discrimination and their resilience.

Our focus

In Finland, SAWI seeks to improve the quality of life for immigrants, African, black women and girls. In Africa it seeks to eradicate poverty, nurture women leaders and stop violence.


We are non-discriminatory, and believe in community. Buying into Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie call that we should all be feminists, we encourage men to join our network.